Home Care Bed

Home Care Bed – Adjustable Hospital Beds

Sleep and safety are your goal.  You have decided that you need an adjustable bed to ensure a comfortable, restful night’s sleep. It could also be that you have a guest or even a permanent live-in parent or friend that needs an adjustable bed. There are many options to consider because one size does not […]

Pressure Ulcers and Support Surfaces

Pressure ulcers may develop where your body is pressing against a surface – chair or mattress.  Prolonged sitting or laying down can push on those places, such as heels, elbows, hips, buttocks, that are pressing down.  Gravity is working against you and the circulation  and skin in those areas is affected.  If you or someone you are caring […]

When is the Best Time to Buy a Lift Chair Recliner?

Seat Lift Recliner Chairs for Holiday Gifts The furniture industry has seasonal pricing because it is an inventory intensive business, and they need to move stuff out to get new stuff in. At Charron Medical Equipment we are a small, local store.  Not a big box furniture retailer.  We buy what we can sell quickly.  […]


Not the Same Old Caregiver Advice

Doctors, nurses, friends and family all tell you that you need to take care of yourself or you can’t sustain your caregiving efforts (averaging 4.5 years per AARP) for an elderly parent or disabled family member.  Sure, that advice is what I wrote about in “The Reluctant Caregiver“.  That advice is easy to give but […]

Insoles First

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution.  The principal of parsimony tells us this.  When it comes to foot pain from Plantar Fasciitis and other foot problems, a simple insole could be the answer. Powerstep insoles are now the top Podiatrist recommended insole.  As a replacement insole, you can pull out the insoles that […]