Senior Housing and Active Adults

Define Active Adult My sister just finished a triathlon.  Meanwhile, I spent a few hours in the garden while my adult son was out fishing on the lake.  Define active adult. We know staying active is good for our mental and physical well-being.  But what does staying active mean to you?  What do you expect […]

Hospital Bed or Adjustable Bed for the Home

Adjustable beds are very common today.  Brands like Sleep-Number and Craftmatic have popularized the beds for everyday use.  The popularity comes from the many adjustments to help us sleep.  Rather than a one-size-fits-all style bed and mattress combo, the adjustable beds can be used to customize the sleeping experience.  You  need to consider what you need […]

Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Oximeters: Now a Common Home Medical Device

Device to Measure Oxygen Saturation SpO2   Covid-19 has made us all aware of our respiratory systems and our ability to breath during the illness.  One tool in tracking your health is the pulse oximeter.  This little device can measure your pulse and your oxygen saturation level.   Powered by two AA-batteries, this device is […]

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Three Steps to Medicare Coverage for your Lift Chair

  Medicare will tell you that they cover a lift chair.  That is not the whole story.  They do not cover the furniture portion of the lift chair.  They only cover the motorized lift mechanism inside the chair. Do you qualify?  Just because the lift mechanism is a Medicare covered item does not mean every […]