When is the Best Time to Buy a Lift Chair Recliner?

Seat Lift Recliner Chairs for Holiday Gifts

The furniture industry has seasonal pricing because it is an inventory intensive business, and they need to move stuff out to get new stuff in.

At Charron Medical Equipment we are a small, local store.  Not a big box furniture retailer.  We buy what we can sell quickly.  We buy from long-established chair manufacturers.  Our lift chairs in the store are always fresh and always new.  We have 3-position, Infinite Position, Zero-Gravity and even Trendelenburg available.  So, when is the best time to buy a lift chair?

Buy now, during our holiday sale, and save $100.Lift Chair Sale

A gift for you?

Lift chairs are recliners with the added feature of standing you up.  They lift you up as well as recline you back.  Don’t need that extra feature right now?  No problem.  The lift chair is still a fully featured recliner with options like zero-gravity and heated head/lumbar.

Pride Viva-Lift chairs are Infinite Position chairs with multiple adjustments in one single remote.  Some of the Viva-Lift series even have Trendelenburg Positioning (feet above head).

A gift for Mom or Dad? gift chair

If it is going to be a surprise, make sure you know their height and weight, so we can select the right size for their body.  In addition, carefully consider the other pieces in their living room or bedroom, where the chair is going.  This is a piece of furniture, after all, so let’s make sure it fits in.

What are you buying?

A top-quality lift recliner from a full-service locally-owned business.  We will service the chair if anything goes wrong.  We can also deliver and set up the chair in your home, or your parents home*.  There is a comprehensive warranty offered on both the Pride and Golden Technologies lift recliner chairs.

elegance pride

When will we see you?

We are here 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.  Call ahead 603-889-7220 if you want a head’s up on what is available.  Or send us an email [email protected] and we can shoot off some pictures to show you what is on the floor.

Shop early for the best selection.  Limited stock on holiday favorites.