Cushions & Pillows

We carry a variety of pillows and cushions in our store aimed at providing comfort, relief, and more! Below are just a few of the products and styles that we carry regularly.

For updated information about what we have in stock please call or visit the store, or complete the form on the right and we will get back to you!




Bed Wedge Cushions – We carry bed wedges in several sizes. Most commonly 7-inches, 10-inches and 12-inches.







The Nova Happy Tush is a customer favorite. Available in two sizes this cushion is able to be used in cars, office chairs, and more.







The Contour Kabooti is a 3-In-1 cushion. This cushion features a donut style cushion, a slope style cushion, and a coccyx cushion all in one!






The Nova Lumbar Back Cushion reduces back tension and improves spine alignment.







Waffle cushions help reduce risk of pressure sores.





We have several options for donut cushions!

The Nova Comfort Ring which is more of an oval shaped foam cushion that features a fabric case.

The Rubber Donut Cushion is a traditional round donut cushion that is inflated to your desired firmness using your mouth.