Incontinence Products


Bed Pads

Reusable Bed Pads & Waterproof Mattress Protectors


We carry both reusable bed pads and waterproof mattress protectors and both are available in several sizes. They feature a soft top for comfort with a waterproof vinyl backing.




Disposable Bed Pads


We carry disposable bed pads or disposable chux pads in a variety of sizes and absorbency levels.





Personal Care

Adult Underwear/Briefs



Adult diapers are available in the pull-up style and the style with tabs for easy removal. They come in several sizes. To determine the proper size you must measure the circumference of the individuals waist.


*If you are having trouble determining the size feel free to visit the store and we can provide additional instruction!*



Bladder Pads



Bladder pads are available in light and maximum absorbency.




Reusable Incontinent Pants


Reusable incontinent pants are made of soft vinyl for discreet comfort. They are pull-on style with elasticized legs and waist and are waterproof. They come in several sizes based on the circumference of the individuals waist.




Personal Cleansing Cloths




Personal cleansing cloths are designed to moisturize and soothe the skin while reducing odor. They are pH. balanced and hypoallergenic.






Barrier Cream


Soothe and cool moisture barrier ointment prevents skin breakdown caused by prolonged exposure to moisture. This ointment contains Vitamins A, D & E along with Aloe.







Urinary Catheters


We offer a full line of urinary catheters from all major manufacturers. Including Bard, Kendall, Coloplast, Rusch and many others. We work with most major insurers in the state of New Hampshire and are happy to set up monthly deliveries to your door.

A majority of the catheter products we supply require a written order from a physician. If you are unsure of if you need a prescription to purchase an item, or if you are looking for a specific item please contact the store.