Seat Lift Recliner Chairs

Lift recliners are the best kept secret.  They go by many names:  seat lift chair, lift recliner, medical chair, lift chair and power lift recliner.  Once you know what you are asking for, the choices are endless for features and style.  The secret is that you don’t need to be a senior to enjoy a lift recliner.  But you can benefit from that, because they are extremely comfortable.  The engineering is there to provide support in jus the right places and to allow for infinite positions.  What more could you want in a recliner?

We have spent years selecting the best lift recliners for you to try and buy.  In our opinion, there are two market leaders in both quality and design:  Pride Mobility and Golden Technologies.

We carry the largest selection of chairs in Southern New Hampshire and have a wide variety of styles and sizes on our showroom floor for customers to see and try for themselves!  We will deliver and install the very chair you try on the floor.  If you don’t see what you like, we can order in models and color combinations to meet your needs!


Our inventory rotates regularly! Stop our store and try a seat lift chair today! 




No matter what style of lift chair you enjoy, Pride is sure to have a model that will meet your specific needs. With so many styles, colors and materials available, it’s no wonder Pride is America’s #1 Lift Chair Brand!


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Pride Seat Lift Chair




With six series and dozens of models to choose from, you will find the optimal combination of size, weight capacity, options and accessories. Rest assured, the chair that’s just right for you incorporates the finest materials and most advanced technology, is assembled with attention to every detail, and stands up to rigorous quality control. Every Golden lift and recline chair is hand crafted in Golden’s state-of-the-art facility in Pennsylvania.

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Golden Seat Lift Chair