Here at Charron Medical Equipment we carry both standard wheelchairs and transport wheelchairs. We have many models and sizes of both styles of wheelchairs on our showroom floor and can assist in sizing an individual to the wheelchair to achieve the proper fit. Additionally we do any repair work that may be needed in the future here at the store!




Our inventory rotates regularly. To learn more about each model and size of wheelchair we have available for purchase please call or visit the store! 



Standard Wheelchairs



Standard wheelchairs have large back wheels that allow the person in the chair to propel themselves using the hand rims.

We carry several models of standard wheelchairs on our showroom floor and usually have sizes 16X16, 18X16 and 20X16 in stock. All of the standard wheelchairs come with footrests, fold accordion style for transport or storage and weigh about 35-pounds.



Transport Wheelchairs


A transport wheelchair has four smaller wheels (8″or 12”) and is designed to allow the person in the wheelchair to be pushed from place to place instead of propelling themselves.

Transport wheelchairs are typically much lighter than standard wheelchairs weighing between 15-pounds and 20-pounds. Transport wheelchairs come with footrests and fold accordion style. We carry many models of transport wheelchairs and usually have sizes 17X16 and 19X16  in stock.



Wheelchair accessories like bags and seat cushions are available to customize your wheelchair and add a little extra comfort!