Certified Mastectomy Fitter for Breast Prosthesis and Mastectomy Pocket Bras

Mastectomy Bras and Prosthetics


We carry a full line of Amoena products.  Amoena is the leader in breast prostheses and mastectomy pocket bras.  Our trained Certified Mastectomy Fitter will meet with you and get all the required measurements to supply you with a breast form that you like.  We want you to be comfortable with the look and feel of your prosthesis.  The pocket bras designed by Amoena work perfectly with their full line of breast forms.

Insurance and Mastectomy Prosthesis/Bras

As an Accredited Durable Medical Equipment supplier, not only are we trained breast prosthesis and mastectomy pocket bra fitters, but we are contracted with several insurances, so we can file claims for you:

  • MedicareNatura Form
  • New Hampshire Healthy Families Medicaid
  • Well Sense Medicaid
  • Amerihealth Caritas New Hampshire

We also may be able to submit a claim for you if you have out-of-network benefits, such as a PPO plan.

Most insurance companies cover breast forms and pocket bras.  For example, Medicare will pay for the following:

  • One Silicone Breast Form Prosthesis every 2-years; or
  • One Foam Breast Form Prosthesis every 6-months.
  • Six mastectomy pocket bras per year. Dispensed three at a time.

If you have an insurance that we do not participate with (out of network) then we can provide you with the following:

  1. Itemized Receipt
  2. Submission form

File the above two documents along with your prescription.  If your insurance company requires more information to reimburse, they will let you know.

Basics of Mastectomy Breast Forms

Essential Form

Breast prostheses are also called breast forms.  We have several styles of forms and different sizes in the store.  The goal is to match the form as close as possible to your remaining breast for symmetry and size.

If we do not have what you need on hand, we can order the size and style you need.  It takes about a week to get the order in.



Shape of the Breast Form: breasts differ in more ways than band and cup size.

    1. Shallow: a shallow breast slopes in the upper area
    2. Full: a full breast has an equal amount of tissue above and below the nipple
    3. Average: an average breast is in between shallow and full

Your breast prosthesis fit specialist will work with you to find the right shape matching your remaining breast.  It is also possible to try different shape prostheses, to get the fit you want.

Some breast forms come in a symmetrical style, also known as “triangle” shaped breast prosthesis.  Other forms are asymmetrical.


Symmetry of the Breast Form:

    1. Symmetrical Breast Forms are best used when no tissue missing under the arm. They are available in all three cup shapes (shallow, full, average).
    2. Asymmetrical Breast Forms are good for meeting individual needs, such as extra extension under the arm or axilla.
    3. Universal Shape Breast Forms are symmetrical, but have a larger footprint and can actually be worn horizontally or vertically, depending on the amount of tissue removed during surgery.


Natura Comfort



Breast forms come in different materials as well.  Most are silicone, but there are also leisure forms made of foam and light weight adjustable forms used immediately after surgery.  Silicone is the most common material purchased by women after they have recovered from breast surgery.  The main difference between different prosthesis silicone models is the number of layers of material.



Silicone Breast Prostheses:

    1. A Basic silicone breast form is made of one layer of silicone. It is a soft weighted material designed to have a natural feel.
    2. An Advanced silicone breast form has one layer of silicone and a second layer of gel. The gel is designed to equalize the temperature of the form against your body.  This model also comes with different contact surfaces, such as “pearl design” to promote airflow against the chest wall for women who perspire.
    3. A Full Contact silicone breast form will adhere directly to your chest wall. Most breast forms are designed to be worn inside the pocket of a mastectomy bra.  A chest wall contact form will be worn against the skin.  This style form is not for everyone.  But for some, it is idea because the weight of the form is against your body, more like a natural breast.  It can also allow you to wear a wider variety of necklines.


Mastectomy Pocket Bras

Breastform Fitting 1 Breastform Fitting 2


There are many beautiful and comfortable pocket bras to choose from.  We will work with you to insure you get a bra that fits well, holds your breast prosthesis securely in place, and remains comfortable day-after-day.  The full Amoena line of lingerie is specifically designed to work with the breast forms they sell.  Each bra is coded by breast shape and form size.

We encourage customers to try on each bra with their new breast form prosthesis to make sure they like the way it looks and feels.  Bras do wear out, so we recommend replacing them every 4-6 months.



Tip:  Bring a few change of clothes to your bra fitting so you can see how the breast form and the bra look and feel in different types of clothing.mastectomy bra