Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller 2 – 4Wheel

The Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller 2 4-Wheel scooter is the first 4-wheel scooter to have Pride’s patented EZ Turn Technology!

This technology allows the Go-Go Elite Traveller 2 to have the turning ability of a 3-wheel scooter, a tighter turning radius, without losing any of the great stability achieved with a 4-wheel scooter!



This scooter has the smallest turning radius among all 4-wheel scooters, 37-inches, as a result of Pride’s patented EZ Turn Technology!



300-lb. weight capacity

Top speed of 4.23 mph

Range per charge 18Ah Battery – 13.8 miles with 220-lbs. &  10.4 miles with 300 lbs.

Range per charge 12 Ah Battery – 8.8 miles with 220-lbs. & 6.6 miles with 300 lbs.

Removable color-through shrouds allowing you to personalize your scooter

Adjustable Delta tiller with charging port

Feather-touch disassembly allows the scooter to be separated into five lightweight pieces (heaviest piece weighing ~35lbs.)

Non-scuffing tires

Front basket





Available in 8 different colors, you can make your Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller 2 unique to you!

Color Choices: Black (Matte), Chell-O (Matte), Iceberg Blue (Matte), Cardinal Red (Matte),

Robins Egg Blue (Matte),  Sugar Plum (Matte), Tangerine (Matte), White (Matte)