Insoles First

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution.  The principal of parsimony tells us this.  When it comes to foot pain from Plantar Fasciitis and other foot problems, a simple insole could be the answer.

Powerstep insoles are now the top Podiatrist recommended insole.  As a replacement insole, you can pull out the insoles that came with your shoes and replace them with the Powerstep Pinnacle. This is a great place to start.

Powerstep Pinnacle

The Pinnacle neutral arch insole will correct most cases of over-under pronation.  The motion control provided by the insole will help support the arch and the ankle too.  Stress to the toe joints from pronation will be relieved.  Even Plantar Fasciitis is improved when a new Powerstep Pinnacle is used.

How can you go wrong?  Even a new pair of shoes will cost you more than a $40 pair of insoles by Powerstep.  Charron Medical will help you find the right size.  You can try them out in your shoes and see if they provide the relief you are seeking.

We have seen time-and-time again, customers coming in looking for expensive $200 therapeutic shoes and leaving with a $40 pair of insoles.  Not convinced?  Stop by today and see for yourself.

Looking for more information about the different Powerstep models?  We carry the following insoles in store and as a medical dealer, can order any Powerstep styles (including those only sold through doctor’s offices) for you.


  • Pinnacle – Full Length
  • Pinnacle Plus – Full Length with Metatarsal Pad
  • Slender Fit – ¾ Length Fashion Shoe
  • Slimtech ¾ Length