Massage and the Healing Powers of Human Touch

It is easy to overlook the impact something like human touch can have on someone suffering with pain, chronic illness, or stress.  In America, we look for a purely medical solution first.  Maybe it’s a prescription or a surgery.  We seek out health care professionals to ease our pain.  But when applying a more holistic […]

The Reluctant Caregiver

If we are honest with ourselves, we might admit to being a reluctant caregiver.  Of course, there are those among us who thrive on caregiving; they effortlessly do and say all the right things.  You know the type, especially if you are not that type.  Still, it is not fair to assume reluctant caregivers are […]

The ABC’s of CBD

Wading through the clutter of advertisements, government rules, and medical claims on cannabidiol (CBD) based products and medical marijuana can be downright befuddling.  Everywhere you look today, somebody is selling CBD or talking about CBD. Is it really a miracle product? Or is it another supplement with unproven claims? Inflammatory bodies want to know. Inflammation […]

Don’t Miss Out on Holiday Fun: Prepare early for your travel needs

It happens every year.  Families and friends get together to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Year’s.  Don’t get left behind because of mobility or other house-guest concerns. If your grandmother, grandfather, mother or dad is able to stay with you, make it easy on everyone by planning ahead.  You will want to consider mobility […]

Find Your Community

We don’t need science to tell us how important it is to belong someplace. There is no greater feeling than to be accepted by your friends, family, and neighbors.  Sometimes, we might find ourselves in a new place and need to find our community.  Or the community we had is now changed, and we need […]