Find Your Community

Seniors Gardening

We don’t need science to tell us how important it is to belong someplace. There is no greater feeling than to be accepted by your friends, family, and neighbors. 

Sometimes, we might find ourselves in a new place and need to find our community.  Or the community we had is now changed, and we need to find a new community.   Temma Erhenfeld writes for Psychology Today, and she points out that friendships inspire us as we age, and that we will be happiest if we focus on high quality friendships.

 My mother now lives in Florida, and she has found her community there.  The neighborhood is a caring place where friends visit each other daily, share meals, and carpool to the grocery store.  They have a standing afternoon date to binge watch an hour of television, and then take a walk down to the water to see the birds and watch the boats.

 Recently, the annual Great American Downtown meeting of the Nashua Main Street community was held at the Nashua City Hall.  Store owners, aldermen and alderwomen, city staff, journalists, and volunteers gathered to recap the 2017 activities of the non-profit downtown organization.

The accomplishments were impressive, such as the Nashua Winter Holiday Stroll and the Taste of Downtown event.  Locals will find and appreciate the community when they attend a downtown event.  

Where will you find your community?

  • Senior Center
  • Retirement Community
  • Volunteer
  • YMCA
  • Knitting or Sewing Club
  • Athletic League
  • Cooking Circle
  • Book Club
  • Fraternity
  • Church
  • Tutor or Mentor Programs