Hospital Bed or Adjustable Bed for the Home

Adjustable beds are very common today.  Brands like Sleep-Number and Craftmatic have popularized the beds for everyday use.  The popularity comes from the many adjustable bed testimonial

adjustments to help us sleep.  Rather than a one-size-fits-all style bed and mattress combo, the adjustable beds can be used to customize the sleeping

experience.  You  need to consider what you need the adjustable bed to do and where it will be located inside your home.

Before adjustable beds there were just hospital beds.  Home delivery of hospital beds is still common today.

Hospital Bed

When coming home from the hospital after hip surgery or an extended stay due to illness, a hospital bed can be just what you need to recover.  Perhaps your bedroom is on the second floor and you want to sleep first floor during recovery.  Maybe you need to be closer to the bathroom or kitchen.  A hospital bed can easily be set up in your living room or dining room or first floor spare bedroom.

The adjustments for head and feet make the bed helpful in dealing with pain or breathing issues.  Frequent adjustments to your positioning might be necessary to stay comfortable.  Anyone who has had rotator-cup surgery will tell you how difficult it is to sleep because positioning seems impossible.  The hospital bed can really make a difference, because you can stop the bed height in the position that feels good.  Then, when you start feeling pain, you can adjust again.

hospital bed


Many DME (durable medical equipment) companies will rent standard twin size hospital beds.  At Charron we rent hospital beds for home recovery in Nashua and the surrounding towns.  If you need a bed for a few months, this is a good option for you.  The bed will be delivered and set up by our technician.  He can teach you or your care giver how to adjust the head, feet and overall height of the bed.

The vinyl innerspring mattress is 80″ x 36″ x 6″.  If you do not have the extra-long twin fitted sheet let us know, we can send one with the driver for $14.95.

We rent both Semi-Electric and Full-Electric.  Both beds are twin size and the mattress is a vinyl innerspring 80” x 36” x 6”.

The Semi-Electric bed has motorized head and feet, with a manual bed height adjustment.  The cost is $230 per month.  

The Full-Electric bed has motorized head and feet, but also motorized bed height adjustment.  The cost is $260 per month.


We also supply the same standard twin hospital beds for purchase.  You can select a semi-electric for $1400 or a full-electric for $1600.  Free delivery to Nashua and surrounding towns.  Call us for a delivery quote to see if your town is free delivery.

Adjustable Bed

If you are looking for a long-term sleeping solution, consider an adjustable bed.  This is a real piece of furniture for your bedroom.  The adjustable bed has all the features of a hospital bed, but also upgraded options like gel, latex, memory foam or hybrid mattresses.  The Flexabed is an American made adjustable bed we carry at Charron Medical.  Customers who purchase the Flexabed are usually looking for a permanent solution.  The adjustable bed will go in the bedroom and you can even purchase a queen size, king size or split king.



Why buy an adjustable bed?

Heavy snoring

Sleep apnea

Back pain



Aging-in-Place refers to seniors staying in their homes, rather than moving into retirement communities.  This movement has been gaining ground in recent years, particularly with baby-boomers who have spent a lifetime nesting in their homes.  It is emotionally difficult to leave the family home.  With some home modifications many seniors are finding it possible to stay in their homes longer.  One of these modifications could be an adjustable bed.  If you have never experienced difficulty getting out of bed it might be hard to imagine, but there could be a time when you have trouble pushing up to a stand from a standard bed / mattress.  The adjustable bed may be the solution that keeps you safe and comfortably at home.