Don’t Miss Out on Holiday Fun: Prepare early for your travel needs

It happens every year.  Families and friends get together to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Year’s.  Don’t get left behind because of mobility or other house-guest concerns.

If your grandmother, grandfather, mother or dad is able to stay with you, make it easy on everyone by planning ahead.  You will want to consider mobility issues, bathroom needs, dietary restrictions, and other comfort items.


If mobility is an issue for your family member, make sure to have a walker, rollator, cane, or other walking aid available.  Some travelers use the Nova Carrying Case to bring their transport chair or walker with them.  It is good for flying, train, or car travel.

Some families will keep a spare rollator or walker on hand, for those grandparents or parents who need a little help getting around.

A bed rail can help with climbing out of bed in a guest room.  It can ease the worry of getting up during the night, and taking at tumble onto the floor.

Canes and walking sticks will help your family member navigate new terrain.  And let’s face it, after a long day of celebrating with family it feels good to lean on a sturdy walking stick or cane.

Dietary Restrictions

If you are hosting this holiday season, make sure to ask about dietary restrictions.  Some family members cold be diabetic.  It is important to know how to cook and what food to have on hand, for diabetics.

If you are diabetic, make sure to carry a travel medical kit.  It will be very important to follow your doctors recommendations while traveling, just like when you are at home.

Sleeping Aids

Bed wedges can make all the difference between getting a good night’s sleep and waking up tired.  You don’t want to be grumpy during this festive time!  Charron Medical has inflatable bed wedges for all types of conditions.  A battery powered motor will blow up the bed wedge to the desired level.  Some people have told us these bed wedges are more comfortable than the memory foam versions.  


Emergency Supplies: Be Prepared This Winter

We cannot predict how the winter will go, but we can prepare for cold and freezing temperatures.  When we are faced with unpredicatable weather, we can find some comfort in setting aside an emergency kit and some storm provisions.  If you or someone you know is elderly, consider unique needs such as mobility and medication.  

  • MAKE A LIST of all your emergency numbers and  contacts. It’s always a good idea to write down all the local emergency numbers. Each state has a web site where you could find those numbers listed. For the state of New Hampshire you can visit the Divison of Emergency Services and Communication at
  • GATHER CANDLES, MATCHES, AND FLASHLIGHTS in case the power goes off, you do not want to be sitting in the dark. It’s highly recommended to keep a set of these items in the “emergency kit” and another set on a shelf or in a common area where it could be easily accessed. If you or a loved one is in a wheelchair or not able to reach high places, these items should be placed in an area where they could be reached.  Keep matches dry.
  • CHARGE YOUR CELL PHONE.  If you do not have a landline make sure that you charge your cell phone to have access to the storm information or being able to make contact with other people such as, loved ones or emgency personnell. It is also a good idea to charge any electric power chairs or medical devices that you may need to use.
  • HAVE AN AM/PM RADIO to stay in tuned with the storm coverage. It is best to have a batteried operated radio in case the electric goes out.
  • STOCK UP ON BATTERIES for all the electronic devices or flashlights. Keep in mind that batteries do expire and you will need to check the expiration dates often.
  • KEEP NON-PERISHABLE FOOD AND WATER on hand. It is reccommended to keep in stock one gallon of water per person per day and 3 days worth of non-perishable foods.If you have to take medications throughout the day you may want to plan for more water. Also if you pack canned foods, make sure that you have a can opener.
  • HAVE AN EVACUATION AND MEET UP PLAN. Have maps and a safe location where you can go to incase the home is no longer safe. Share this location with another person, so they know where to look if needed. If you or a loved one is home bond it is a good idea to have a designated nieghbor or family member drop by to check in on you.
  • MEDICATION LIST and medications in an easy accessed area. With having the list if you were to get seperated from your medications this with show what you are taking and a doctor could call in another script those medications.  Refill regularly, so you are not caught short on important medicines.
  • FIRST AID KITS should include all sizes of banages, burn aides, warmers, emergency blankets, and a dust mask to help with the dust if needed.  Charron Medical has a selection of first aid supplies.
  • EXTRA CLOTHING AND BLANKETS for staying  dry and  warm.
  • PETS, if you have pets it is recommended to follow these same guide lines for them.  Also include a list of all your pets immunizations and medications, if any.  They will be scared and nervous so make sure you pack items that they are familiar with, such as a favorite toy.
  • STAY CONNECTED and keep in touch with loved ones regularly.  

The Federal  website is packed with informationon on what is needed for “Emergency Kits”. All kits should be planned according to the needs of the individual.