New Products at Charron Medical

New Products at Charron Medical Home Care Beds Adjustable hospital style beds for maximum comfort and convenience. Call today to learn more about our home care beds.  We carry multiple styles guaranteed to find something to meet your needs and your budget.     Official sock of the USA Pickleball Association   Staying active is […]


ABOUT US     STORE HOURS Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm   Charron Medical Services is a JCAHO accredited provider, ABC Certified, and Accredited by the Better Business Bureau.   If you have MEDICARE or NEW HAMPSHIRE HEALTHY FAMILIES, WELLSENSE, or AMERIHEALTH we are able to submit insurance claims for qualifying DME items. ​    […]

Senior Housing and Active Adults

Define Active Adult My sister just finished a triathlon.  Meanwhile, I spent a few hours in the garden while my adult son was out fishing on the lake.  Define active adult. We know staying active is good for our mental and physical well-being.  But what does staying active mean to you?  What do you expect […]

Fit Specialist for Breast Prosthesis and Mastectomy Pocket Bras in Nashua

Among the many changes caused by the coronavirus pandemic, is a change-up in local Durable Medical Equipment providers.  The number of DME providers has long been contracting, despite an increase in demand for products and aging-in-place lifestyles. In Nashua, we once had multiple fitters for breast prostheses.  If you were a woman having mastectomy, lumpectomy, […]

Leave me to my Hearing

Puppies are born blind.  They know the world through their nose – they smell their way around.  They root out the teat for precious milk, they follow the scent of their littermates, they sniff the ground to follow their mother’s footsteps and find her warm, fuzzy skin for safe refuge.  From there, they expand their […]