Breastform Package

Fit Specialist for Breast Prosthesis and Mastectomy Pocket Bras in Nashua

Among the many changes caused by the coronavirus pandemic, is a change-up in local Durable Medical Equipment providers.  The number of DME providers has long been contracting, despite an increase in demand for products and aging-in-place lifestyles.

In Nashua, we once had multiple fitters for breast prostheses.  If you were a woman having mastectomy, lumpectomy, breast conservation or reconstruction surgery, you had several choices for a prosthesis provider.   If your provider is no longer here, please call us for a consult.  We are happy to pick up where they left off.  We carry a full line of breast forms and mastectomy (pocket) bras.


Learning about breast prosthesis forms and the accompanying pocket bras can be overwhelming.  A left or right mastectomy can leave you wondering how you will match your remaining breast with a silicone prosthesis.

Fortunately, silicone breast forms have come a long way in recent years.  There are a multiple of styles, shapes, and cup sizes to help you find the right form for you.

If your surgery was bilateral, there are special breast forms for you.  The new Adapt-Air by Ameona is a good solution for women with bilateral mastectomy.  The Adapt-Air is a multilayered silicone breast form with an air pocket inside.  Using a tiny hand pump, the breast form is adjusted to fill nearly any size pocket bra cup.  So you can adjust the cup size on your own.  Women find this very helpful when they are trying to match the remaining breast but especially when they are trying to match two breast forms to each other, as is the case with bilateral mastectomy.  It is the most flexible breast form we have.

What to Expect

When you visit the store for your breast prosthesis fitting or consult, your fitting specialist will meet with you in a private room.  You will discuss your lifestyle and how things like exercise, hobbies, and activities can effect the type or style of breast form you select.  Some women are concerned with perspiration and heat from wearing a breast form prosthesis.  The Amoena silicone breast forms have addressed that with a gel layer called Comfort+.

Be prepared to try on different breast form sizes and possibly shapes, to get the best fit.  Every woman’s body is different, so it is important to measure carefully and to try on the breast form with the pocket bra.

Bring your insurance information with you.  Most insurances cover breast forms after mastectomy or lumpectomy surgery.  Be sure to ask your fit specialist if the Durable Medical Equipment (DME) company accepts your insurance.  Breast forms can be expensive, so any insurance contribution is helpful.  It is a good idea to call your insurance company in advance to ask them about your benefits.

Between the initial consult and measurement visit and follow up fitting session, you can expect to see your fit specialist 2-3 times.  Refills may be quicker.  If  you have gained or lost 20-pounds, be sure to ask for a new fitting.  That is enough change to effect your cup size and bra band measurement.Breastform Fitting 2