We carry several styles of walker in our store. Our knowledgable staff can help determine which walker would be appropriate and can assist with sizing and adjustments.


Standard Walker

We have standard walkers without wheels available. We can assist with sizing and make any necessary adjustments to the walker height.


Rolling Walker

We have rolling walkers available. Our staff can assist with sizing the walker to the person using the equipment to ensure that it is the correct size. We can make any necessary adjustments to the walker height.

Hemi Walker

Hemi walker’s are a one sided walking aid. This style of walking aid works well for individuals that have use of one arm or those who are looking for something similar to a cane but with a wider base for extra stability.

Bariatric Rolling Walker

We have bariatric rolling walkers available for individuals that require a more heavy duty walking aid. These walkers feature two rolling wheels per side and additional supports for added stability.


Knee Walker

We have knee walker’s available for purchase and for rent! Knee walker’s are a great alternative to crutches and are ideal for individuals recovering from foot or ankle injuries. They provide a more comfortable and faster way to get around while you are recovering.