House Bill Introduced to Provide Medicare Coverage of Custom Breast Prostheses – The Breast Cancer Patient Equity Act, H.R. 6980

Thank you to our New Hampshire Representatives who voted to introduce custom breast prostheses to the Medicare program.

The Breast Cancer Patient Equity Act, H.R. 6980, will address a gap in coverage for women who need another option. Some women may not be candidates for reconstruction, which can be very expensive, while others may not want more surgery. Custom breast prostheses are beneficial for women who are unable to find off-the-shelf prostheses that fit their particular chest wall, finding symmetry to match their remaining breast, or matching skin tone. Medicare currently covers both reconstruction and off-the-shelf options, but not custom prothesis.  This is why we need new legislation.

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Some specialty stores will sell custom-made breast prostheses, uniquely constructed and cast to match the natural contours and color of each woman’s body and her other breast. These are typically made from silicone or latex, and are more expensive than a breast prostheses that isn’t custom-made. Many insurance companies don’t cover custom-made breast forms. A plaster cast or laser scan is taken of your chest and then the prostheses is contoured so it fits snugly against your body.

As the movement gains traction, and the insurance community responds to the demand for custom breast protheses, providers will be more able to help survivors access the prostheses they want.  There is wide-spread support for this service, and we are looking forward to a time when any person needing the right prothesetic will have access.  

At Charron Medical we have seen instance where a woman’s body does not fit neatly into the standard breast forms.  We are often able to make adjustments and find the best possible fit.  But in those cases, the best possible fit could be a custom one.  #makemewholeagain is working to support the movement for custom protheses.  We applaud their efforts and will continue to support the legislation for access to custom protheses for all breast cancer patients.