Rental Stairlifts


Stairlift Rental

  •  Call us for a free assessment.
  • Once you’ve decided, we’ll install the lift within a few days, charge you a one-time installation fee.
  • You will then billed a flat rate per month for every month you have the lift.
  • No minimums, hidden fees. Just rent the lift for as long as you need it, and then when you’re done call us and we’ll remove it.

Now there’s a solution for those who need a stairlift at their home on a temporary basis without the commitment of purchasing a permanent unit. Our Stairlift Rental Program is ideal for those who are having a loved one stay with them for an extended visit, or for those who require temporary access to the second floor via a stairlift.

  • Wondering if a stairlift rental is right for you? Call us for a FREE evaluation!
  • Renting a stair lift can often save over buying. Find out which is right for you when you talk to us
  • Your stair lift rental will be installed by our trained, professional installers.
  • Ask us how to turn your long term stair lift rental into a purchase! 80% of your rental payments can be applied to the purchase price.