Therapeutic and Diabetic Shoes

Living well and staying active can depend on the comfort of your shoes.  As your feet age, you may find buying shoes that fit well is not as easy as it used to be.

Charron Medical Services offers Therapeutic and Diabetic Shoes.  Our certified shoe fitting services will ensure a good fit for both patients and retail customers.

Podiatrists and other doctors recommend therapeutic shoes because they are specially designed to comfort sensitive feet.  It might be that you need wider or deeper dimensions.  It could be that your feet feel best in a particular style of shoe.  Or perhaps it comes down to the insoles.

Stylish orthopedic shoes will keep your feet healthy and happy.  We carry the most popular styles, but can also order in a different design if you prefer.  You can expect to spend between $120 to $180 for a pair of custom fitted shoes with insoles.

Our brands include:

  • Dr. Comfort
  • Orthofeet Orthopedics
  • Propet

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Here are some of the styles to choose from.

Men’s Styles


Women’s Styles