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(Q) How is a stairlift fitted and will it mean I have to redecorate?

(A) Stairlifts are always fitted to the stairs, not the wall. Very rarely on a curved lift there may be the need to fix a small bracket to the wall but otherwise there is no cosmetic damage to the wall. If you have a handrail on the wall then this will need to be removed to provide knee clearance. 

(Q) How is the stairlift powered?

(A) Stairlifts are battery operated. Inside the drive unit of the lift are 2 maintenance free, sealed, fire rated batteries that should last between three to five years. The lift needs a power supply that plugs into a wall socket and should be left on so the batteries are trickle charged and always ready for action. 

(Q) What happens if the stairlift stops halfway?

(A) This is exceptionally rare! In many years of working with stairlift users we can happily say we have never known it to happen. Being battery operated the stairlift will still work for several journeys even if the power supply fails.

(Q) How much does it cost to run a stairlift?

(A) Not much at all, it is generally said that it costs about the same to run a stairlift for a month as boiling a pot of water for coffee!

(Q) There is a doorway at the bottom of the stairs, can I still have a stairlift?

(A) Yes, this is a common problem which can be easily overcome by using a sliding rail, or a rail with a folding hinged section at the bottom. When you descend the stairs the rail folds down and the stairlift travels to the bottom. When you get off and send the stairlift back up, the rail folds up and the doorway obstruction is removed.

(Q)There is a radiator, or item of furniture at the bottom of the stairs, is this a problem?

(A) Depending how far the radiator or furniture is from the bottom of the stairs is key here. We would advise you what the options are when we have carried out a survey. 

(Q) We both (a couple) need to use the lift, can we?

(A) Yes, all our stairlifts are provided with two remote controls, one for upstairs and one for downstairs so wherever you are you can call and send the lift from floor to floor.

(Q) Will we still be able to use the stairs?

(A) Yes, the stairlift folds up to only about a foot wide when not in use, leaving your stairs open and manageable. 

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