Stair lift and home access prices

To have a stair lift installed in your home for most straight stairways you should budget between $2,900 to $5,000. Many homeowners choose a model in the $3,000 to $4,500 range. All prices quoted include full installation and warranty. There are never any hidden fees. We proudly feature stair lifts by Handicare.

​​Premium Chairs

At a premium price point you will find models designed to blend into your home’s decor like fine furniture. They have custom color upholstery and even wood trim. Extra safety and ease of use features like push button footrest folding, power seat swivel, and automatic retracting rails can be added based on your needs.

​Economy Chairs

At the economy price range you may find one of our better models available in a reconditioned version. Brand new economy stair lifts will provide basic transportation up and down your stairs, the minimum required safety features, simple arm controls and limited color choices. No matter which chair you select Charron Medical Services will professionally install in your home and cover your lift under the appropriate warranty.





Stair lift prices for stairways with landings, pie shaped steps, or curved walls.

Stair lifts designed for straight stairs may not work with more complex stairways. We can still help you get where you want to go! We have models available that are designed to work on nearly any type of stairway. They are typically called curved rail, or custom rail stair lifts.

Because of the custom nature of these stair lifts we normally recommend them only as longer term solutions. If you have limited ability to transfer between chairs, a curved rail system can transport you between levels without having to sit and stand as often. While the investment is higher than a straight stair lift, you’ll still save time, hassles and the the costs associated with moving from the home you love. Curved rails can be installed in your home without the need for construction or remodeling!

Custom curved rail stair lift prices start around $9,000 for a basic stairway configuration. The final quoted price will then depend on the chair you select, total travel length of the rail and any optional features added to meet your specifications. We’ve installed rails that travel from the basement level of a house spanning three flights of stairs to reach the bedroom on the top level – all in one trip! Of course you could stop at the garage or kitchen level on the way up. Be sure and visit our showroom to find out more about one of these custom curve stair lift models.