How to make your home more accessible with a stairlift.


Stairs can be dangerous and difficult to navigate, but a disability or mobility problem should not confine anyone to one floor of a home. A stairlift gives you back safe and secure access to your entire home again. Whether you’re concerned about a dangerous fall on your stairs or simply need a little extra help getting up and down, you’re just like millions of other aging Americans today. 

Stairlifts come in many shapes and sizes and can accommodate almost any type of stairway. From a single flight of straight stairs, to multi-leveled, curved stairways with s​​​everal landings, even spiral staicases.

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Standard features on most models include a folding swivel seat, folding armrests and footrest, and easy-to-use buttons attached to the seat. In addition they include portable remotes which are typically located at the top and the bottom of the stairs for easy retrieval, and a seatbelt.  

A highly trained stairlift enginer will come and assess your home and give you a quote. We will then confirm a date for installation. ​Stairlifts are not permanent. Stairlifts are installed onto the stair treads of your steps, so there is no structural modification needed. They can be easily removed if you are moving or selling your home. In most cases, a stairlift can be removed in less than an hour with little evidence it was ever there!

If you do not want to purchase a stairlift, check with your local medical equipment provider to see if they if  have rentals available. Rentals are a great option if you have a short-term need. Unfortunately, stairlifts are not covered under any insurance.

If you are pondering whether this would be a good option for you or a loved one, here is  a great brochure that can help you choose the right lift.

Stairlifts operate on two 12 volt batteries, so you will never have to worry about not being able to use the lift in a power outage.

 Here’s a link to a YouTube video with some of the more common stairlift features described in detail. 







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    Thanks for explaining how a stairlift can help make your home more accessible. You make a good point about how stairs are very dangerous for people with disability and mobility issues. My mom has vertigo and gets really bad migraines, so I am always worried she is going to lose her balance and fall down the stairs. I think installing a stairlift could be a good option for her.

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    That is great that the stair lifts have retrieval buttons at the top and the bottom. My parents like to be active and I think that they will go up the stairs by themselves and then decide that they do not want to risk going down. I’ll have to show them this to help convince them to get a stair lift.

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      We are so glad you found this helpful. The stair lift can be there for the times they need it, and unused when they don’t. Many people use it one way – mostly coming down, to avoid tripping or falling.

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